A go to market strategy converted in to Digital. We identify the right digital platforms and right digital marketing approaches to easily reach to your targeted audience and hence more focused targeting.



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Although reach may explain some extent of you digital strategy your content strategy defines how visitors are reacting to it and what needs to be done to reach to the high conversion rate . BayPul analyzes every visitor behaviors based

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It was really a good journey with BayPul, we have almost identified what digital promotions required for our business.BayPul does marketing for us besides these guys have awesome knowledge in various CMS's related to E-commerce thus guided us to find a suitable one.


Recent works

A recent work that we did for PrimewishUse the TG:Featured Widget to show this section. In the widget just add the title and description. Then add three pages from the three drop down option. The featured images of those pages will be shown in the right and link back to those added pages.